Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Since 1961 Azalea Park Baptist School (APBS) has been educating children from four years old through eighth grade.  We offer quality education from a uniquely Christian perspective.  Our teachers are devoted Christians who strive to present students with learning activities and lessons which support the development of a Biblical, Christian world view as well as academic excellence.

We welcome your questions and interest. We encourage our parents to be involved. We have an “open door” policy by inviting interested parents to visit anytime. We would count it a privilege to share this year with your student.


Both Wee Learn and A Beka are used in PK-4.  The A Beka Curriculum is used in grades K-5.  Middle School uses A Beka for Math and Language Arts, NOEO for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and Positive Action for Christ for Bible/Christian Living.

Special Course Descriptions

The art classes acquaint students with varied media through which they may creatively express themselves while exploring the styles and techniques of artists of varying disciplines.

The music program at APBS emphasizes a varied music curriculum geared to strengthen a student’s musical mind through a combination of sacred/secular choral work: rhythm/theory studies; music appreciation; composer biographies; and recognition of musical instruments with an emphasis on the four musical families. Seasonal musical programs give each student the opportunity to apply skills learned in the music classroom.

Physical Education
The physical education program at all levels is designed to promote coordination and fitness while emphasizing the Christian principles of teamwork and sportsmanship to provide a well-rounded curriculum for body and mind.

Christian Living/Bible
The Christian living program assists students in applying the lesson of Christ to daily life. Using character builders such as courage, honesty, kindness, faithfulness, forgiveness, love, respect, stewardship, thankfulness, and trust encourage students to draw strength from Christ when facing adverse situations.   Students learn God’s words through Scripture memorization, Bible lessons, chapel, and daily devotionals.

Classroom computer access is designed to introduce the students to the basic fundamentals of computers while providing educational enhancement in areas such as math, spelling, reading, and writing.

Special Reading
Special reading is made up of small classes of students that would benefit from individualized help in the reading area. We emphasize mastering the simple phonic sounds and reading comprehension along with expanding vocabulary and growing interest reading for a variety of purposes. We believe reading should inspire boys and girls to develop strong Christian virtues and character traits. Reading is an integral part of our everyday living.


Azalea Park Baptist School (APBS) believes in enhancing the curriculum in many ways; therefore, PK-4 through eighth grade classes participate in various field trips throughout the year.

Sport Activities

Azalea Park Baptist School provides sports activities for students in grades 5 through 8. Teams exist for Volleyball, Basketball, and Soccer.